Here at Shishi Mishpachti, we take our goals seriously. We truly believe that with enough support and understanding, our mission can be even better than it already is. With your donations, we can continue our amazingly successful activities which are exclusively funded through donators and volunteers. We host a number of events such as workshops and meetings about family topics, weekends away, specialized telephone guidance and unique programs built for school aged and college attending students. In addition to all of this, we have a continuing weekly newsletter and widely distribute our interaction booklets which have proven to be priceless to those who have joined our program. Every family who is a part of Shishi Mishpachti is kept in touch with through phone and internet communication, and this personal connection is just what they need to stay joined to our incredible program.

These activities create identification and enthusiasm, which is obvious from the wonderful feedback we receive from our participants. People express a true willingness to continue developing awareness and in acquiring more tools for reaching the best family communication possible.

With the previously mentioned tools, one by one, Jewish families all over the world are returning to the most fundamental basis, the home. Shishi Mishpachti reinforces the importance of the family unit, and provides the instruments to empowering and strengthening the family and thus, the entire Jewish people.

With your generous donation, Shishi Mishpachti can continue this inspiring project and continue to unite Jews worldwide. Donate today!